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Scottish Rally 26-29 MAY 2000 - the final story...

Rally was based in Perth
Map of Perthshire
Friday 26/5

  • Weather: Good/Mixed
  • Met up with Dave Wilson and Clare, Richard Batty and Annette - having rebuilt my FTO front brakes (for the third time) and Kawasaki rear brake (er....first time ever) earlier that day
  • Met up with Steve Hemming and Dawn (and DW and Clare) at 1800 for evening drive from Perth out to Amulree Hotel via the "Sma' Glen".
    Sadly the evening calm was broken by a speed limit zealot armed with a Volvo and a foul mouth
  • Pleasant meal at the Amulree Hotel
  • Beer in Perth followed by kebab (naturally)
Saturday 27/5

  • Weather: Mixed/Foul!
  • At about 0600(!) Jo Patane and William arrive from Croydon, singing (presumably) "No...sleep...'til Sunday!"
    They decline to try for a few hours kip
  • All day "figure of 8" scenic drive to West Coast - as previously described apart from the mystery increase in length from 180 to 240 (or was it 500?) miles
  • Lunch taken in Glencoe.
  • Unfortunately a split in the formation meant half missed the major photo-op at "Rest and be thankful" and the weather scuppered the other major photo-op at Dochart Falls in Killin.
    Ho hum
  • Evening curry at the Manzil in Perth (big "thumbs up" for the meal including from curry (almost-!)virgins Steve and Dawn.
  • RB decides we really need to enter the roughest pub in Perth....whereupon the piano stops...
    Karen decides to calm things by answering DW's question "Why do the Scots hate the English?" with "You think they'd be used to getting their arse's kicked by now!".
    Try explaining that was tongue in cheek at 2200 on a Saturday night.
    We leave
  • The next pub is declared a gay bar and transvestites are spotted in the corner
    We leave
  • CH, KB, RB and Annette find a pub on the verge of closing, order way too much beer and are asked to leave
    30 minutes later....we leave
Sunday 28/5

  • Weather: Very Good
  • Drove to Crail Airfield for the RWYB "drag" event
  • Met a local guy with a heavily Max'd GR
    Max'd GR Max'd GR
  • Joined by Steve Jobson (effort points awarded for attendance on the day from Darlington and determination to get as many runs as possible in)
    Smell the tension! DRAG!!
(Jo Patane "out of shot", looking to overtake....but no bend in sight)
  • Other highlights at Crail included the White Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (I told you that thing ripped!) turning "12s" all day (incl. a 12.29) and Malcolm Gray-Stephens' "blown" MX5 trouncing Scooby Turbos (as he waved to the other car and the crowd!)
  • Lowlights included a Peugeot with twin upswept DTM slash-cut pipes and (I kid you not - see: http://www.mitsubishi-fto.org/gallery/scotland/images/scotland2000-142.jpg) what appeared to be a bread bin exhaust......and the non-appearance (whilst we were there) of "Super Lemon", a 1000 bhp Skyline - see 'Banzai' Apr/May
  • Drove to St. Andrews for the tourist bit
  • St Andrews to Perth via Cupar
    CH on way to apex,
DW about to slingshot to apex,
JP apparently considering another "Hail Mary" overtake...regardless,
RB holding back - fearing the worst,
motorcyclist sitting up, reaching for Rosary beads.... A sight for sore eyes!.... "Free Parking" The usual suspects - Dave Wilson & Clare, Chris Hayes, Steve Hemming & Dawn (obscured!), Jo Patane & William, Richard Batty & Annette, Iain Johnston, Steve Jobson
  • All the "stopovers" (DW, Clare, Steve, Dawn, Jo Patane, William) came out to the house to meet ourselves and RB and Annette, then on for a meal in the village followed by a mini pool tournament.
    No transvestites are spotted but we leave (eventually) anyway
Monday 29/5

  • Weather: Good/Odd shower
  • I took DW out on the back of the Kawasaki for a 20 mile run.
    Not t-o-o-o ferocious on the bends due to damp patches; much chortling on the straight bits however....
  • Scenic drive with DW, Clare, RB and Annette (oops....and our dogs) along the Trossachs Trail to Loch Katrine and Aberfoyle.
    Very nice lunch at the Forth Inn.
    Karen spots a bear outside the pub; others can only see a Newfoundland dog. Karen is 5'00"
    We leave
  • Rally ends.


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